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Twitch Analytics is a tool that will allow for broadcasters to better monitor and expand their stream growth.  The idea behind it is that by monitoring the following:

  • viewers
  • bounce rate of viewers
  • donations
  • followers
  • subscribers
  • chatters
  • time of day
  • date
  • number of viewers on Twitch
  • the game you are playing
  • that games rank on Twitch

one can better assess how his or her stream is doing.  I will be implementing some popular machine learning algorithm that will incorporate all these things and do some regression analysis to try and find a correlation between all of these variables.  By doing this, I hope to be able to find better optimal streaming schedules and help improve stream growth.  Furthermore, I would like to incorporate various visualization techniques to help streamers see how their stream is doing. Since I am a firm believer that seeing things visually can help one better understand what is going on since numerous people are visual learners.  Lastly, we hope that this will help Twitch grow as a whole, because it will help smaller streamers grow faster, which in return will hopefully help more people join Twitch.   Keep in mind that many of these features and concepts are subjected to change, because I am in very early stages of development.  As always feel free to contact me via email or on the Contact Me page if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Progress: Future Work



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