OddShot Links

Code snippet

This project is used to just archive Oddshot links in various popular Twitch chats.  We will be using TMI.js node library to create a Twitch bot that will use regex to determine if a message contains an OddShot link and if it does it will add it to be bulk updated to our database.  We will use a MongoDB to store the information and some of the information we will be storing is as followed:

  • Who posted the Oddshot
  • What channel was the Oddshot in
  • What time was the Oddshot posted

So we will not be storing much data in terms of for each OddShot link posted, but we will be storing a ton of data in regards to the amount of OddShots post we have, which is one of the reasons we decided upon the MongoDB.  In addition, node has a nice library called Mongoose to make very easy to do MongoDB database transactions.  We hope to have this project finished within the next three to four weeks.


  • Browse OddShots by channel
  • Rate OddShots (?)
  • Browse OddShots by poster
  • Flag OddShot for deletion
  • Site admin can see flagged OddShots and delete them

Progress: Work in Progress

IMAGE SOURCE:  Sublime screenshot taken by Christian Brewton



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