Netflix Sync Extension

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This may seem like a difficult and daunting task, but once I finish getting my VidiQ synchronization working this should be but a simple Google chrome extension.  This Google chrome extension will allow clients to communicate to the server to see where they are at in the videos and it will then use a configuration file to know how to manipulate the Document Object Model to synchronize the videos to play together.  By manipulating it we should gain the ability to pause, play, and seek Netflix videos.  One of the biggest task is just having events to know if a user skips ahead, so it knows to re-sync the user to the appropriate time. Furthermore, the idea is that the user can generate a sync URL for a video on Netflix and share it with his or her friends and if those friends use that URL it will sync the video based on that URL.  Just like VidiQ we will be using MongoDB to store user data because it is highly scalable.  Here is a quick list of some of the features we hope to have:

  • Ability to seek, play, and pause Netflix videos (Creator)
  • Pull in DOM manipulation from a configuration file
  • Generate room URLs (for private rooms) and view a list of all public rooms
  • Creator should be able to moderate his/her room
  • Chat should be available for each room
  • User Management System
  • More to come…

Just like many of the other projects this one is still very much in its early stages.  So things are subjected to change.  If you have any recommendations or questions feel free to contact me via email or on the Contact Me page.

Progress: Future Work



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