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Discord is a popular voice and chat application that just so happens to have a NodeJS library for creating bots.  I plan on using this node library to create a Discord chat bot that will allow users to play trivia using Discord’s chat. I will store the question and answers into a MongoDB database since it allows for unstructured data and high scalability.  Furthermore, we will also be storing various things such as game ids for each of the trivia games and keeping track of each person’s score in each of the games.  So some of the features of the trivia bot will be as followed:

  • Keeping track of game’s and the users who played in each of the games
  • Keep track of the score in each game
  • Keeping track of the number of games each person has won
  • Keeping track of top winners and possibly people with the best correct answer percentage
  • Each question will have X amount of time to answer it and as time goes down the less points that question is worth
  • More to come..

This just lists out the very basic user features I would like to have, so this is subjected to change at anytime.  If you have any recommendations of features and/or libraries feel free to contact me via email or my contact page on the website.

Progress: Future Work

IMAGE SOURCEhttps://discordapp.com/



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