Basic Blog

Laravel Logo

A very basic blog written in PHP’s Laravel framework.  Some of its features are as followed:

  • Login Ability
  • Create, Update, Delete Post
  • Create Categories
  • Allows for Commenting on Blog Post
  • Rating of Blog Post
  • User Management
  • More to come..

This is just to name a few of the numerous features that this basic blog has.  It uses a relational database to house our data, because it is extremely easy to use a relational database with Laravel.  In the future I may want to choose to convert the database to MongoDB just to have that additional scalability factor.  In addition, it uses Bootstrap on the front-end UI side, because Bootstrap allows for easy styling, better responsive web development, and allows for quicker development.  Lastly, we use JQuery as our JavaScript library because it allows for us to write cleaner and more concise code and not have to worry about numerous edge cases when manipulating a webpages Document Object Model (DOM) object.

Progress: Done



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